How do we work?

Step 1 – First meeting at the customer
Interview with customer. General businesses overview, key process understanding. Definition of customer requirements. Discussion about opportunities, challenges and risk assessment.
Step 2 – Offer preparation
Setting of Goals. Project Schedule. Definition of Team members. Explanation of proposed solutions and tools to be used. Estimation of expected Savings (WIP minimalization, Lead Time reduction, Cost avoidance, Cost reduction etc.)
Step 3 - Contract
Final goals and schedule definition. Confidential policy, copy right, principles of cooperation, price and payment general conditions, additional specific customer or Lean Idea requirements.
Step 4 – Presentation of Activity Schedule to all workshops team members
Six months’ forecast timeline. Workshop every 3-4 weeks.
• Workshop duration: 3-5 days.
• Interdisciplinary team. 20% theory 80% learning by doing.
• Weekly, plan, Team, goals, savings/improvement expectation.
Step 5 – Outline of each single Workshop
• workshop goals definition
• process observation
• waste definition and analysis
• improvement and solution suggestions
• improvement implementation
• final summary presentation for management




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