Any type o healing must take time and is only effective if the patient follows doctor's orders, takes prescribed drugs regurally, and - last but not least - changes his daily routines to avoid recurrence. This example perfectly illustrates the method and duration of Lean Management implementation.

Implementation of Lean Managment is like buying energy saving bulbs - you invest once, it pays off after certain period and you do something good for the environment. All you need to do is to make the first step!

Let's suppose that you go shopping and send a letter by post. At the store you discover that you don't have enough cash on you, and they don't accept credit cards. So you leave in search for an ATM, return to the store, buy the items you need, and on your way back you drop by the post office, where you realize that you forgot to take the letter with you... Since it is an urgent matter and the letter must be sent today, you don't walk back home but take the bus. You leave your shopping, grab the letter, take the bus again to the post office where a huge line makes you wait for quarter of an hour. When it's over you run home, because a plumber is to show up any minute now, where has all that time gone?...

What is an industry 4.0?

The fourth industrial revolution relays on creation of an intelligent network of machines. All devices in the network can communicate with each other and the data stored and collected in them can be analysed and made available in real time. All of these processes can take place without operator’s intervention.




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