Be Lean and adapt your company's operations to the dynamically changing market.


Improving of hospitals. Improvement of quality, patient safety and staff satisfaction


We recommend Jeff Sutherland's book for those who do not yet know that historians, looking back on human development, will draw a dividing line before Scrum and after it.


Have you ever considered which techniques should be used for continuing improvement?


If you're a process engineer use the following questions to implement the lean principles.


Any type o healing must take time and is only effective if the patient follows doctor's orders, takes prescribed drugs regurally, and - last but not least - changes his daily routines to avoid recurrence. This example perfectly illustrates the method and duration of Lean Management implementation.


Implementation of Lean Managment is like buying energy saving bulbs - you invest once, it pays off after certain period and you do something good for the environment. All you need to do is to make the first step!




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